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[personal profile] coffeesuperhero asked:

In the hypothetical alternate reality in which you work for SHIELD as Director of Archaeology, tell me five things that you keep in your official locker.

Behold, the most boring list:

1. Vortex manipulator >:D (I can turn this into a crossover if I WANT)
2. A gun thing
3. Another gun thing
4. An excavation kit that is massively upgraded from the stupid one currently in common use because a) better funding and b) seriously I do better on the SAME funding jfc some of that stuff ya'll...
5. Communication device because shit is bound to go belly-up

Let me know if you want me to ask you a five things question :D
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First of all, I wrote things this week yay!

The Society for Fanboy Appreciation @ tumblr
Clint/Coulson, ~400 words, the first time Hawkeye gets recognized by a fan in public.

Under the Sky @ tumblr
Carol/Daryl, ~500 words, on the eve of war.

Adventures In Social Media @ AO3
Clint/Coulson, G, ~1100 words
It starts with a youtube video.

Also I did things this week? I went camping with my dad and baby brother this weekend, and I kind of came out to baby brother when dad went into town and he was like "Okay." And I was like "Um are we cool?" and he was like "Well I kind of figured."

So that happened?


Also I'm pretty sure my roommate and I have located shelter for next year so YAY. IDK how updated I've kept my journals of my current apartment, but it is tiny and shitty and awful and the sooner we get out the better. The apartment we're looking at is farther from campus (this is a GOOD thing) and SO HUGE and in an awesome location and SO HUGE DID I MENTION THAT OMG SPAAAACE!!!

So not a super exciting week but a very productive one?

And I watched/read things this week too! Spoilers for:

Captain Marvel #11 )

Walking Dead 3x14 )

Vikings 1x4 )

Bomb Girls )

I also decided to rewatch Buffy while I do homework tonight.

For reasons.
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First of all:

/cries at [personal profile] honeynoir for recing me to the actual best commenter ever

It's spring break! I have mostly spent it working and consuming massive quantities of media and catching up on schoolwork, but I did lurk around SXSW Sunday evening and this morning in the hopes of running into Clark Gregg. ALAS, no luck, though I did enjoy the gaming expo (and made baby brother super jealous ohohoho) and the glorious weather. My roommate got a pass by volunteering and got to touch Macklemore yesterday and was flipping her shit about this, which was hilarious and adorable.

After this I have a five page essay that I REALLY need to write so uh, gonna get started on that :| Ideally I will finish it and then track down P, hand off the book and ideally make her do the reading so she doesn't get another iffy grade on her paper :/

I was going to try to stop by the comic book store's "sidekick store" and pick up some $1 back-issues of DC comics, but I COULD NOT FIND IT which was the worst. Fortunately it (was supposed to be) only like half a mile farther away than the actual store, so I didn't waste a lot of time looking for it or anything since I was picking up ~the weekly haul anyway. (AND WHAT A HAUL IT WAS).

Annnnd the Media Week In Review!

Spoilers for:

Age of Ultron #2 )

Avengers Assemble #13 )

The Fearless Defenders #2 )

Secret Avengers #2 )

I also dropped Avengers, not like, for good, but I decided that it's far from groundbreaking (like, could you go any more boring stereotypical ALL-POWERFUL VILLAIN THAT CANNOT BE STOPPED BUT THEY MUST MANAGE SOMEHOW than this???) and it really, of all the comics I'm following right now, definitely does not need my issue-by-issue support, so I think I'm going to wait for the trade paperbacks in the future. I just don't care enough to spend the extra money to keep up with it. :/

Walking Dead 3x13 )


Non-Spoilery: Lost Girl Attempt #2 )

Non-Spoilery: Angel Attempt #2 )
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I have no plans for spring break, just work, but IT WILL BE SO NICE not to have class for a whole week, I have so much freaking reading to catch up on. Also an essay to write woo :|

Media week in review: spoilers for:

DC stuff con't )

Age of Ultron #1 )

Avengers #7 )

The Walking Dead 3x12 )

Vikings 1x1, 1x2 )

The Americans 1x3, 1x4 )

Mad Men through idk at least episode 1x3 )

Game of Thrones is soon I think? :D???
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Rambly and slightly incoherent because sick and tired and worn out etc. etc. Also a lot of accompanying swearing.

Spoilers for:

IDK that Batman Thing That Anyone Who Follows Spoilers Already Knows About: If I hadn't already given up on DC after they retconned Stephanie Brown out of existence, I would now )

Captain Marvel #10 )

Journey Into Mystery #649 )

Hawkeye #8 )

Young Avengers #2 )

Walking Dead 3x11 )

In other news, when is more Doctor Who stuff coming out, where are my spoilers and feels and anticipation gais??
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Author: [personal profile] bendingwind
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones/Melody Pond
Rating: NC-17 (ish?)
Length: ~1000 words
Notes: underage, first time

Summary: Martha Jones' plans for spending a month with her aunt in Leadworth did not involve losing her virginity to a really hot girl she'd hardly met.

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So as probably everyone who has ever spoken to me knows, I like to rec fics a lot and I have a massive, massive archive of over-tagged fanfic bookmarks, and I generally keep up-to-date-ish on stuff that's been posted on AO3.

So I guess I decided to start a fanfic rec blog? Newly posted stuff gets priority, but there will be some older stuff when I either don't have time to catch up on my reading or there isn't much new that's worth reading.

It's multi-fandom, multi-ship and updates twice a day. No promises about ~literary gems in terms of fanfic, but I do promise I enjoyed every single story I post to there. Everything's tagged and there's a page linking tags to make it easier to find relevant stories. Also accepts requests and submissions :D

Anyways, go to there~

[stories go here]
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I just realized I only gushed about this in a locked post, so:

If you haven't already, you absolutely need to go and read Five Times Two Hawkeyes Talked About Sex (and the First Time They Did It) by mayhap, which was my glorious Yuletide fic.

Go. Goooooo. It is beautiful and they subtly worked in hints of some of my favorite pairings as well as made me massively enjoy a pairing that I waver back and forth on liking/not liking and just like. I have a lot of feels it is glorious and snarky and fun and you should definitely read it.
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I didn't do any recs this year, because I read waaaaay more than last year because woah Marvel fandom. I'll maybe release my (massive omg) bookmarks list if anyone is interested? It's SUPER ORGANIZED though omg I have bookmark OCD, it's tagged by fandom, ship, character, rating, type (oneshot, chaptered, series, etc.) and common tropes and yeah. :|

2012 )
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A little late this year because I suck (and also because I finished out the semester and went straight into 45-hour workweeks, yey \o/

For Kato-I-Don't-Remember-Your-LJ-Account-You-Should-Stop-Changing-It-Is-It-Still-[personal profile] aheartthen?:
A Rose For Sophie (The Walking Dead, pre-Carol/Daryl, PG-13)
Christmas in a lost world. Set between seasons 2 and 3.

For [profile] shadow243ali
can ever dissever my soul from the soul (Doctor Who, dark!Doctor/Amy, R, sequel to Come Little Children, Brainwashing, Imprisonment)
Amelia Pond has a memory full of holes.

For [personal profile] coffeesuperhero:
Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Marvel MCU, Sam/Steve, PG-13)
Well, Steve, you're gonna have to get married.

For [personal profile] lovelythings:
Cold Comfort (Marvel MCU, Natasha/Steve, PG-13, PTSD symptoms)
There's no hard and fast line between Steve's dreams and his reality.

For shadowen:
Five Lines and a Speech (Marvel MCU, Clint/Steve, PG-13)
Clint isn't so great at flirting, and Steve isn't used to being flirted with. Or: Five times Clint's flirting was mistaken for bullying and one time Steve recognized it for what it was.

sabinelagrande who I'm pretty sure has a livejournal but I can't remember what it is is also getting A Thing but it looks likely to be several weeks late and like ten thousand words long sooo... TBA?
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Title: Five Times Sinner
Author: bendingwind
Notes: [ Marvel | PG-13 | 3500 words | Recreational Drug Use | Spoilers ]
Characters: Clint/Coulson, Clint/Natasha, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Thor
Summary: Five Avengers Clint Barton was ordered to kill, and the one he did.

Five Times Sinner )

Disclaimer: Characters/World Property of Marvel, no copyright intended, not making any profit from this work of fanfiction.
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Title: Dreaming
Author: bendingwind
Notes: [ Marvel | R | 5000+ words | WIP | Allusions to Movie Events in Part 2 | Fix-It | Dubcon ]
Characters: Clint/Coulson, Natasha
Summary: Real life never ends with 'happily ever after', but Clint will take what he can get.

Dreaming, P.1 )

Disclaimer: Characters/World Property of Marvel, no copyright intended, not making any profit from this work of fanfiction.

A/N: Thanks to [personal profile] aheartthen for beta'ing and [personal profile] coffeesuperhero for cheerleading and sharing my pheeeeeels~ XD
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Title: Falling In A Literal Sense
Author: bendingwind
Notes: [ Marvel | PG-13 | 800 words ]
Characters: Steve/Tony
Summary: In which Tony is, well, kind of an idiot about feelings. Except when he isn't.

Falling In A Literal Sense )

Disclaimer: Owned by Marvel, not making any profit from this work of fanfiction, etc.
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Title: Together We're Both Alone
Author: bendingwind
Notes: [Marvel | PG-13 | 2600 words ]
Characters: Darcy Lewis, Tony Stark
Summary: Darcy has a mom who used to be a showgirl in Vegas and a dad who is a financial advisor in Santa Fe. She also has a Tony.

Together We're Both Alone ) Disclaimer: Owned by Marvel, not making any profit from this work of fanfiction, etc. A/N: 1/? of the series Avengers Family Fun
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Title: I Thought You Were Taller
Author: [personal profile] bendingwind
Notes: [Marvel | G | 200 words ]
Characters: Steve, Tony, (Steve/Tony pre-slash)
Summary: Steve realizes that the Iron Man suit is not as reflective of Tony's height as he'd thought.

I Thought You Were Taller )

Disclaimer: Owned by Marvel, not making any profit from this work of fanfiction, etc.
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Finally, I have completed it.

The usual notes of read the warnings on the story because I didn't include them all, YMMV, and also I totally have not been refusing to read Doctor Who fic for weeks and reading Marvel instead. *cough* Also, I tried to make the text larger for those of you who had trouble with my last rec post.

51 lovely fics this way )
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Stole this from [personal profile] lonewytch


Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, you'll get talking about writing, and the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

Under the Cut :D )



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